Minimizing the Stress of Divorce

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Kane County divorce attorneyThere is no way around it: divorce can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. In some ways, it is entirely understandable that two people who built a life together would experience challenges as they move in different directions. While nothing can completely eliminate all of the stress and contentiousness of a divorce proceeding, there are some things you can do to make your divorce easier, faster, and less hostile.

Commit to Cooperation

Long before you or your spouse files any divorce paperwork, the two of you can make the decision to work together throughout the process. For most couples, the choice must be a conscious one, as a casual attitude is not likely to carry you through the more difficult moments. By making a determined effort to stay positive and to avoid unnecessary battles, you and your spouse may find the road ahead to be much more manageable than you may have expected.

Prepare in Advance

In highly contentious divorce cases, the parties may weeks or months without speaking to one another, which can lead to long delays and very slow-moving proceedings. You and your spouse, however, may be able to work out most of the details of a settlement before the petition for divorce is even filed. Start slowly, making arrangements for subjects on which you both agree. Keeping your commitment to cooperation, move on to topics that are more divisive. With each successful compromise, you can gain momentum, making the most difficult decisions somewhat easier to make together.

Be Forgiving

During the course of your divorce, emotions will probably flare up from time to time. Despite your best efforts, you may say something angry or hurtful to your spouse, or he or she may say or do something that upsets you. If this happens, it is important to keep in mind that you have the shared goal of a reasonable divorce settlement. Be willing to sincerely apologize if necessary, and be gracious in accepting your spouse’s apologies. Then, do everything you can to put the matter behind you and move forward with renewed positivity.

Work With an Experienced Attorney

Many people believe that if they can work out the details of a divorce settlement on their own, then hiring an attorney is a waste of money. The reality, however, is that a qualified lawyer can help prevent mistakes along the way that could cost you thousands of dollars and countless hours of additional work.

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