Suggestions for Reentering the Job Market following Divorce

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Douglas B. Warlick, Kane County Divorce Attorney, reentering the job market, revise your resume, single moms, single working moms, working single mothers, working momsThere is no doubt that women significantly contribute to today’s workforce. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Women’s Bureau, the American workforce is comprised of 127.1 million women and is only expected to increase. To further break down the demographic, single mothers, with children under 18 years of age, comprised 74.2 percent of mothers in the workforce in 2013. Married mothers ranked at 67.8 percent. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics further defines working single mothers as women who never married or those working due to an absent spouse caused by separation, divorce or death.

Reentering the job market following a divorce may be difficult, especially after working as a stay-at-home mom for several years. However, consider the following suggestions as they may prove beneficial before starting a job search.

Keep Your Options Open

  • What type of work have you always imagined you would enjoy? Take a personal survey to determine your best fit; and
  • Do not limit yourself. A job in a new and exciting field may fair better for your new lifestyle.

Spread the Word

  • Announce your intentions to family, friends, and prior associates. Networking is a great way to find a job; and
  • Remember that recommendations are highly effective when scheduling an interview.

Revise Your Resume

  • Revise your resume to reflect any at home skills that easily transfer to the job market;
  • If you volunteered or headed a committee, incorporate those skills as well; and
  • Maintain pure professionalism void of misspellings and grammatical errors.

Dress for Success

  • Purchase a business suit if your budget permits. If not, borrow an outfit from a friend or visit a local consignment shop.

Stay confident and remind yourself of your skills and talents. Although searching through job advertisements can be exhausting, and at times interviews remain unproductive, keep at it. Remember, employers seek out employees with all skill sets for many different reasons.

If you are a newly single mother who needs guidance reentering the job market, these simple tips can help get you started. Also, if appropriate work attire is one of your greatest concerns, and you reside in the state of Illinois, the philanthropic efforts of WBAI or the Women’s Bar Association of Illinois chairs an annual Dress for Success clothing event.

If you are currently considering divorce as your only viable option for embarking on a new life, a qualified Kane county divorce attorney at The Law Offices of Douglas B. Warlick & Associates can provide you with professional legal advice to effectively resolve your family law issues. Contact Attorney Warlick today at 630-232-9700 for more information.

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