Why People Stay in Bad Marriages

Posted on in Child Custody and Support

bad marriageA marriage vow is meant to last a lifetime.  It is a commitment that is meant to survive sickness, health, wealth, poverty, better and worse.  The likelihood of most marriages lasting that long is around 50 percent.  But there are also couples who are stuck in bad marriages and will not get a divorce.  Some people can free themselves from bad marriages while others will not because of the following reasons.

1. The Kids

This is probably the most common reason that couples suffer through unhappy relationships.  Staying together for the kids is a noble pursuit that should be a top priority.  Yet if your relationship is toxic, it is not a good idea to subject your kids to your bad marriage.

2.  Usefulness

For practical reasons, being married is nice.  The bills and rent and car loan payments can be more daunting without your spouse.  It might be a lifestyle choice to stay with your spouse in a bad marriage just to make it easier financially to have the same house, same clothes, and same everything.

3. Social Stigma

There might be outside influences that make it difficult to leave your union.  Parents, friends, religious affiliation and fear of becoming a statistic may make you want to stick it out with your partner.  But there is not a stigma still associated with divorce as it was in 1950’s.  If your marriage is not fixable then there is no reason to live up to arbitrary standards, it is important to make the decision based on what is best for you.

4. Divorce is a pain

The process of divorce can be difficult.  It is a tense situation where you will need to come to an agreement about division of property, child custody and spousal support.  If the fear of the process of divorce is causing you to stay in a bad marriage then there are easier options.  Mediation can allow you and your spouse to work together towards amicable solutions without involving the red tape of divorce courts.  If you are interested in filing for a divorce, then contact an experienced family law attorney in Geneva who can handle a contentious divorce or an amicable divorce depending on your needs.

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