Personal Battles Can Prolong the Divorce Process

 Posted on June 24, 2015 in Divorce

divorce, divorce process, Geneva family lawyerIf you are like most people, the thought of a long, drawn-out divorce seems to be torturous and unnecessary ordeal. You have reached the end of your marriage and, while there will certainly be challenges, you would prefer to complete the divorce as quickly and painlessly as possible. There is no need to complicate the process any further.

Fortunately, by approaching your divorce with the right attitude—and encouraging your spouse to do the same—the proceedings can often handled efficiently and with minimal stress. Additionally, a quick, solid resolution can also have the added advantage of reducing expenses related to legal fees and court costs. To facilitate a faster divorce process, make every attempt to:

  • Clearly hear and understand your spouse: Marriage is built on compromise and a workable divorce is not really any different. You and your spouse may have differing opinions on what you believe to be fair, and it is important that you clearly understand each other. This does not mean you have to agree, but recognizing and respecting his or her perspective can help you reach a faster resolution;
  • Swallow your pride on some issues: You can choose to fight tooth-and-nail over every detail of your divorce. That is certainly your legal right. However, when a marriage ends, there are no winners. Be willing to set aside your ego over certain matters and put your future well-being and that of your spouse and children first.
  • Realize the law may not have all the answers: Just because divorce laws say you may be entitled to something, the possibility exists that you may not be. Work with your lawyer and your spouse to find middle ground. It could take a court months to apply the law to each and every detail of your situation, but just several weeks to approve a negotiated settlement; and
  • Avoid letting emotions dictate your divorce: You have every right to feel angry, hurt, sad, betrayed, and any other emotions as you go through divorce. If at all possible, however, do your best to separate your feelings from the process. You will need to make logical decisions in the best interest of your future, not rash judgments made because you are still mad at your spouse. In addition, your spouse and the court are more likely to accept your well-reasoned position as a starting point for compromise.

There are many ways in which a couple may increase the likelihood of a faster divorce, and there equally many ways in which a couple may hamper the process. Doug Warlick is an experienced Geneva divorce attorney equipped to help you achieve a workable agreement in the shortest amount of time possible. Contact our office today and find out what our team can do you.

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