Playing dirty in divorce

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Recently, there was a presentation of speakers about the legal, financial, and emotional aspects of divorce at Divorce University.

One speaker said that divorce is 80 percent emotional, 10 percent financial, and 10 percent legal.

Many recently divorced people also spoke throughout the day. One woman spoke of her ex’s attorney, “(he) was very nasty to me, it really bothered me.”

Another added that her ex’s attorney had told her that it was her fault that they were in court.

The conversation quickly turned to bashing of attorneys, although it may have been rightfully so.

The result of these women soon became that these “mean attorneys” were, in fact, using a strategy to pull ahead a win for their own clients. Many women’s self-esteem is at a very low point during and soon after divorce and these attorneys were using it to their clients’ advantages.

A speaker shared that one of the oldest and simplest strategies for divorce hearings and settlements is to wear down the opponent.

The goal of the some of the attorneys that were being discussed between women at the conference was to wear down these women so they give in and get less than what they are asking for. In turn, the exes get more and their attorneys win.

Lastly, a woman spoke about her ex’s many attorneys and asked only if attorneys could be a little more compassionate towards the opponent is these very delicate and sensitive situations.

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