Sleight of Hand: Reasons Married Couples Remove Wedding Rings

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dissolution of marriage, Geneva family law attorney, remove wedding rings, wedding rings, infidelity, marital statusA wedding ring is a symbol of love and life. Placed upon the finger as couples say their vows, a ring is a symbol of marital bond and visual declaration of marital commitment, never to be removed. Yet why are couples admitting to voluntary removing their rings to disguise their marital status? An article published earlier this year notes several interesting facts derived from a study as to why people remove their wedding rings. In the study, two thousand study participants offered their insight into this growing trend.

Although removing a wedding ring can arouse deep suspicions of pending infidelity, one-fifth of the young married participants have come clean and admitted to removing their wedding rings as preparation for a night out on the town. The reasoning – more attention from the opposite sex when enjoying a girl’s or guy’s night out. They also confessed that after an argument, the ring was also intentionally removed to solidify their point and to let their partner wonder if divorce is in their future.

For the men, more than 80 percent have admitted to removing their rings before leaving the house to socialize. And when their wives spied the absence of jewelry, only 40 percent managed to come up with a reasonable convincing explanation.

Interestingly enough, those study participants under the age of 40 were more likely to remove their rings. One in eight participants divulged that perhaps they would be judged as “boring” if others knew they were married with one-third blaming it on work or it being uncomfortable. When polled about the significance of this action, both men and women attached a special significance to the ring with one-third of the polled couples stating that the absence of the marital symbol would definitely raise suspicions, perhaps leading to infidelity and divorce.

If you have noticed the removal of your spouse’s wedding ring and your intuition serves you correctly, you may be on your way to joining the ranks of the 41 percent of Americans who witness the dissolution of marriage due to infidelity. The symbolized loss of your spouse’s sign of commitment to your marriage has faltered and it may be time to contact an experienced divorce attorney.

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