Reasons For Divorce After Decades of Marriage: Gray Divorce

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So-called gray divorce is more and more common as the boomer generation moves into retirement age. With more women being financially independent than ever before and equitable distribution laws now in place in just about every state—including Illinois—the possibility of divorcing later in life is more available than ever. The ease with which an older couple can divorce, however, doesn’t explain why a couple of decades would decide to suddenly call it quits. The Huffington Post has identified reasons that many couples turn to divorce even after decades of marriage. Reasons For Divorce After Decades of Marriage: Gray Divorce IMAGE

“Most of us are shocked to hear divorce news when it concerns a couple who spent more than a decade together. We wonder how they could have invested so much time into their relationship, only to declare it no longer works,” reports the Huffington Post. Overall, according to the U.S Census Bureau, “first marriages which ended in divorce lasted a median of 8 years for men and women overall.” The median age for a second marriage for women was 33, and 36 for men.

The Huffington Post reports mainly psychological reasons as to why a person would decide to divorce later in life. The first is a “loss of connection.” Once children are grown, “come couples will see this transition as a vibrant opportunity to embark on new adventures. Others will look towards one another and see they no longer recognize and understand the partner they married,” reports the Huffington Post. Another realization that older people have that causes divorce later in life “that life is short.” As people realize their goals that they have not yet achieved, some see divorce as a separation from an old life and the start of a new one.

If you are considering divorce later in life, there are additional challenges such as the division of retirement funds or pension accounts. Working with a legal professional will help to ensure that all considerations are met and there are no surprises as you begin your new life. Contact an attorney from the Law Offices of Doug B. Warlick today.

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