Religious Views In A Divorce

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It is anything but uncommon to get married to someone who does not share your religious views. In case of a divorce, this can lead to serious disputes. Interfaith marriages are becoming more and more common, and divorce rates are not declining, so this is an issue worth mentioning.

There has been a lot of talk about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes getting a divorce. Most people know that Tom Cruise is a scientologist, which brings us back to our religion discussion.

Globalgrind reported a follow-up story on the Cruise-Holmes divorce, saying Suri and Katie are leaving scientology behind. According to the story, Katie has enrolled Suri in a private Catholic school, regardless of Tom's plans of Suri going to a scientology school. Surprisingly, Tom and Katie reached a settlement quickly, putting Suri's future above their own differences.

Many parents cannot look past their own personal views on matters like religion. When these disputes go to court, the court has to consider the situation from all angles. The First Amendment gives the parent the right to free exercise of religion and raising their child as they see fit, but when courts are looking at custody and visitation arrangements, they must protect the best interests of the child. One parent's complaints over the other's religious activities and whether they are suitable for the child are not an easy issue to settle in court. In some cases, the children can have their own say in the matter. This usually applies for children over 12 as far as religion and custody are concerned.

Differences in religious views are by far the only problem you will have to face when going through a divorce. There are issues that are difficult even for courts to decide on, so it is understandable if these things seem overwhelming. You should not face these troubles alone! When you are dealing with divorce, make sure you have experienced legal help in Kane County on your side. Contact a knowledgeable family law attorney in Kane County, Illinois, today.

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