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Adoption is the opportunity for an individual or a couple to have a child of their own to love and take care of legally and permanently. Once that child is in their arms and surrounded with love, the bond is forever there. To be told the child is not allowed to be with you anymore because of legalities that are not your fault, ultimately breaks a family apart.

An Evanston, Illinois, couple, Jinshil and Christopher Duquet, were excited to welcome a little girl from South Korea into their family.  She arrived after what they thought was a legal procedure, only to find out when then came home that the documents were not valid. Bad legal advice from a South Korean attorney has now made this into a very sour case between the American couple and South Korean officials. The 9 month old girl, Sewah, will most likely be put into another family home in South Korea when she is returned to the country instead of an orphanage considering her birth mother and family do not want her.

South Korean pride is the likely issue in this case. South Korea has had many international adoptions and are embarrassed that their own will not adopt. A loving home in South Koreas seems to be hard to find, and it is making the government feel like it has a tarnished image. It seems no one is looking at what is best for little Sewah – the decision is all politics.

If you are having issues with your adoption process, whether it is domestic or international, contact a family attorney who can look for your family’s best interest. An Illinois lawyer who works in family law and has the skills and knowledge to take care of such a delicate issue calls can help you today.


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