What You Should Share with Your Divorce Lawyer

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divorce lawyer, Geneva divorce lawyer, financial obligations, previous arrests, addiction treatments, prior criminal record, initial attorney consultationWhen going through a divorce, one of the most important things you need to be able to is to trust your divorce lawyer. It is essential for you to trust that he or she will represent your best interests during what is quite often a very complicated and emotional process. And in order for your attorney to best represent you, there are certain pieces of information you should share during your initial attorney consultation.

To begin, there may be embarrassing incidents from your past that you are uncomfortable sharing. However, it is better for your divorce lawyer to hear about these incidents from you, and to thus prepare the best case for you, instead of being taken by surprise within the courtroom.

Next, if you have a prior criminal record, no matter how far in the past it goes, tell your divorce lawyer. The same goes for any criminal behavior you may have been involved with in which your spouse is aware. Also, let your attorney know of your spouse's criminal past, including arrest records and warrants.

Inform your lawyer of any mental health treatment or issues you may have or previously had. This also includes letting him or her know of any treatments for addictions.

Third, if there are children involved, it is critical to tell your lawyer of past contacts you may have had with any child protective services agencies. This is especially true if there will be any custody or visitation issues raised during your divorce. You should also let your attorney know if you have other children that do not live with you as well as any financial obligations you have to those children.

Finally, let your attorney know of any mutual friends that you and your spouse have who could testify against you. Sometimes asking yourself what the worst thing is that someone could say about you, whether it is true or not, can help your divorce lawyer be prepared for whatever the other party might attempt to introduce as evidence in your divorce.

If you are considering a divorce, contact an experienced Geneva divorce lawyer to find out what your options may be.

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