Can Body Language Indicate Signs of a Cheating Spouse?

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divorce attorney, Geneva County family law attorney, qualified divorce attorney, signs of a cheating spouse, cheating spouse, infidelityAccording to a survey conducted by NBC News, approximately one in five adults in a monogamous relationship, or 22 percent, admit to cheating on their partner. Furthermore, the survey indicated that the rate was higher among monogamous men.

More than 70,000 consenting adults participated by answering 30 miscellaneous questions, openly revealing how men and women feel about adultery and what constitutes spousal betrayal.

Unless your spouse approaches you directly about being unfaithful, is it possible to confirm your suspicions by observing the body language of your spouse before consulting with an experienced divorce attorney? Initially, it may prove difficult as some people can lie with even the the smallest indication of tell tale signs exhibited while others can not help but to be more obvious. However, developing a watchful eye and following these tips may help you to later confront your spouse with your theory.

Physical Signs

While engaged in conversation, watch for the avoidance of eye contact. When a person is hiding a “truth” he or she will avoid making eye contact as well as increasing his or her rate of blinks per minute. Another indication is the hand to face syndrome, or touching the face more than a few times.

Other signs include the shifting of weight from foot to foot or anxiously fidgeting. Additionally, sweating of the face or palms is also a consistent sign that someone is harboring a uncomfortable secret.

Take notice is your spouse’s posture has changed. Often, when someone is lying, he or she may exhibit a “defensive” stance. The age old defense mechanism of crossing one’s arms across the chest is also a major indicator that your spouse may be creating distance via a physical barrier.

If your spouse has recently feigned excitement or happiness with regard to an upcoming family event or a quick marital get away, this may also be a tell tale sign that you may be consulting with a qualified divorce attorney soon.

Speech Patterns

Not only do you need to watch for physical evidence, listening closely should also be registered on your inner radar. When someone is hiding the truth, he or she may speak in a muffled voice or switch up words. They are on the defense and may often change the subject completely or even abruptly in mid conversation. Using humor or sarcasm as a deflection tactic is also associated with the speech patterns of someone who is avoiding the truth.

Once you have observed your spouse’s body language and still feel the need for further evidence, try to quietly monitor any signs of the following:

  • Avoidance of intimacy;
  • Increased cell phone or Internet usage; and
  • Behavioral changes of your spouse’s circle of close friends.

Contact a Compassionate Illinois Attorney

If, after a period of observation, you believe you have sufficient evidence to further confirm your suspicions, it may be time to confront your spouse with your concerns. However, if after some trepidation your spouse does admit that he or she has been unfaithful, it may be time to schedule a consultation with either a qualified marriage counselor or experienced divorce attorney.

At the Law Offices of Douglas B. Warlick & Assoc., our Geneva family law attorneys offer discounted rates for initial consultations. Attorney Warlick will meet with you personally and will deliver a clear, upfront analysis of what your best legal recourse may be. Contact Attorney Warlick at 630-232-9700 to schedule your personal appointment today.

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