Special Issues Single Parents Face

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single parent, parenting, Illinois family lawyer, Illinois family law attorney, child custodyAs the divorce rate increases, so too does the number of single parent households. Right now, there are fifteen million children in this country who live without a father. That’s 1 in 3 children. And there are almost 5 million children who live without a mother.

Dealing with the issues that come up when raising children can be hard enough in two parent households, but it can be twice as hard for single parents who are doing all the work alone. Single parents typically face more financial struggles, especially single mothers. Statistics show that the average annual income of married parents is $80,000. The average annual income for single mothers is $24,000.

Time is another commodity that single parents find there just is not enough of. Having the sole responsible of taking care of the children, all the household responsibilities, plus being the only breadwinner in the house can take its toll. It’s important to have a support system in place, whether it’s a family member, friend or child-care provider, to help provide some respite from all your parenting responsibilities.

Disciplining children can also be more difficult for a single parent than for parents who share that responsibility. It’s critical to be consistent with discipline and rules for your child. Many single parents fall into the habit of allowing their child too much freedom and not setting appropriate boundaries for the child’s age. They also make the mistake of being their child’s friend. Although it's important to maintain a close relationship with your child, it should be one of parent/child not one of friends.

If a parent makes the decision not to be part of their child’s life physically and emotionally, it does not dismiss them from the financial responsibility they have to that child. If you are a single parent and are not receiving child support from the non-custodial parent, contact an experienced Geneva family law attorney today to find out what can be done legally to make sure your child receives the financial support they are entitled to.

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