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thinking about divorce, divorce study, Illinois divorce lawyerFor many married couples, divorce is a dirty word. The mere mention of it can lead individuals to begin fearing that the end of their marriage is imminent. Even just thinking about divorce can feel dangerous to many, as they begin to question their ability to fix whatever problems they may be experiencing. A recent study suggests that the opposite might, in fact, be true, and that giving some thought to divorce can actually improve a couple’s marriage.

Thousands Surveyed

Funded by Brigham Young University in Utah, and conducted by researchers from six different universities including BYU, the study surveyed 3,000 married individuals between the ages of 25 and 55 from around the United States. The results indicated that more than half of married people have had thoughts about divorce, either recently or in the past. Most of the thoughts were described by researchers as more “soft” than “serious,” and that a large number of those who think about divorce want to work on the marriage.

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