When Would a Cohabitation Agreement Be Advisable in Illinois?

 Posted on March 14, 2024 in Family Law

IL divorce lawyerMany couples decide to move in together as an important step in their relationship. Such couples tend to be in committed relationships that could resemble marriage in that they include a shared life, but the people involved are not married and might never want to be. Some might opt for this kind of arrangement if they object to the idea of marriage. Others might not feel ready yet for the religious or legal commitment of a wedding ceremony but wish to share their life with this other person. In fact, there are many reasons why a couple might remain unmarried but choose to live together. If you live with your significant other and you are not married, a knowledgeable Geneva, IL family law attorney can offer insight into whether a cohabitation agreement is a good idea for you.

Why Would Someone Opt for a Cohabitation Agreement?

When a married couple separates, there are legal processes they need to go through. Whether they decide to get a divorce or a legal separation, the courts are involved to ensure that both people end up with a fair amount of the assets they amassed together. If the couple has children, the court works toward a custody arrangement that serves the child’s best interests, regardless of whether either spouse has more money or influence.

When a couple is not married and breaks up, questions about what to do with any shared assets, properties, and of course, children can be just as complicated as they would be in a divorce without the benefit of having legal authorities making sure every aspect of their separated life is outlined. If they live together unmarried and then one passes away, there is no automatic legal recognition for the person left behind. A cohabitation agreement intends to address these challenges.

If an unmarried couple living together has children, joint real estate, or shared banking or investment accounts, or they want to plan for their future through estate planning, a cohabitation agreement can be an excellent way for them to protect their interests.

Contact a Geneva, IL Cohabitation Agreement Attorney

If you and your significant other are in a committed relationship, live together, and live a shared life with each other but you are not willing to get married at this stage, a cohabitation agreement might be an excellent step for you to take together. Our experienced Kane County, IL cohabitation agreement lawyer has worked with couples in similar circumstances to ensure that their rights and interests are protected. Call The Law Offices of Douglas B. Warlick & Associates at 630-232-9700 so we can get started.

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