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decoding smiles, divorce rates, divorce trends, Kane County Divorce Attorney, qualified divorce attorney, yearbook photos, your marital futureThe traditional yearbook, which requires the snapping of photo frozen in time, versus the instant gratification of connecting with a friend online, may actually capture more than originally thought. It may be an indicator of one's personal future, predicting marital happiness or the probability of divorce.

Matthew Hertenstein, professor of psychology at DePauw University, has spent time dusting off hardcopy yearbooks to document a correlation between the art of smiling and the likelihood of hopeful students who may seek the services of a qualified divorce attorney in the future. Hertenstein conveys that those who smiled the least in comparison to those who freely flashed a grin were five times more likely to experience a divorce at some point in their lives. Although the professor’s research may appear a bit “cheesey,” he believed marital status could be defined by the intensity of a smile.

This research was not a groundbreaking concept. As far back as 1860, French scientist, Guillaume Duchenne began studying the mechanics of smiling by using electrical currents to stimulate the facial muscles responsible for evoking a smile. Duchenne’s research exploration gave way to the “Duchenne Smile,” giving rise to FACS (Facial Action Coding System). This coding system now categorizes 3,000 varying facial expressions defined by the exact muscle combination needed to produce them.

Geneva family law attorney, loyal wives, wives, divorce and illness, divorce rates, family illness, spouse illness, Law Offices of Douglas B. WarlickA new study revealed that, in older couples, the divorce rate increases when the wife becomes seriously ill; however, not when the husband becomes ill.

The study was done by Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis and the University of Michigan. Researchers pulled 2,717 marriages from the Health and Retirement Study. The data they pulled was from 1992 to 2010. The study examined how illness impacted marriages over the course of time.

In each of the marriages, gender played an extensive role in whether or not the couple was able to maintain the marriage while dealing with the spouse’s health crisis. During the study period, 31 percent of the couples divorced. In 15 percent of those divorcing couples, the wife had become seriously ill. However, more husbands in the study faced serious illness, such as heart problems, cancer, stroke, or lung disease, than wives. And by the end of the survey period, 41 percent of the couples became widowed while 47 percent faced a new serious health issue.

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