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Kane County family law attorneysIf you are in the process of ending your marriage, there is a good chance that you are beginning to realize that your life is much different compared to when you were married. If you have children, the differences are probably even more notable. For many divorced parents, the first school year after the divorce is the most challenging, as they must establish new routines for their children and boundaries for the parents. When back-to-school season falls in the midst of your divorce, you will need to take steps to ensure that your children have every possible opportunity to succeed.

Figure Out a Way to Cooperate

Every situation is unique, and there is no easy way to decide how you and your spouse will work together regarding school. Decisions regarding the allocation of parental responsibility may still be pending, so you might both still share decision-making authority for school-related concerns. The best option is for you and your spouse to put your differences aside and to create a plan designed to let your child thrive in the new school year. If this is not possible, you may need to ask the court to issue a temporary order allowing you to make education plans on your own.

Geneva family law attorneyDivorce is a different experience for everyone who goes through it. The particulars of how a marriage ends can be based on many factors including the financial situation of each spouse, the length of the marriage, if children are involved, and more. If you are planning to get divorced and you are the primary breadwinner of the couple, there are some special considerations that you should take note of.

Spousal Maintenance

Spousal maintenance, also called spousal support or alimony, refers to the payments that the higher-earning spouse pays to the lower-earning spouse after a divorce. Spousal maintenance in Illinois is determined on a case-by-case scenario for couples who have a large discrepancy in either income or life circumstances. If you make significantly more money than your soon-to-be-ex-spouse or they have been out of the workforce for a while, you might have to pay spousal maintenance. The amount the payments will be determined by the length and standard of living of the marriage, the spouses’ income and property, the present and future earning capacity of each spouse, and more. Maintenance payments can be temporary or permanent, but are not required after the person receiving maintenance remarries. 

Kane County divorce lawyersIf you and your spouse are considering or have decided to end your marriage through divorce, one of the questions you have probably asked yourself is, “How should I tell everyone?” While divorce is fairly common present day, many people still fear the judgement or disappointment divorce can bring. While there is no prefect way to tell others that your marriage is ending, experts do have some advice for making the conversations go as smoothly as possible.

You Do Not Owe Anyone an Explanation

Oftentimes, when a person tells friends and family the news of a divorce, the recipients of this information demand details. This can be very difficult for many people going through a divorce to deal with. You have the right to share or not share personal information about the divorce at your own pace. If people in your life are asking you to share more information than you are comfortable doing, simply say something along the lines of “I am not ready to talk about this yet, but thank you for your concern.”

Kane County divorce attorneyDividing assets during a divorce is a well-understood part of the process for most people. However, what many do not realize is that there are certain debts that must also be divided between the spouses. It would be inequitable for some debts to be shunted onto one spouse when the proceeds of that debt were used by both spouses.

Debt as Marital Property

Before marriage, two people have their individual property that they own. Once they get married, however, any property accumulated (with rare exceptions) is referred to as “marital” property—that is, owned by the couple. Thus, if a divorce occurs, these assets must be distributed fairly between the two spouses.

Geneva family law attorneyIt seems that adultery is all around us. Movies and TV shows, celebrities, professional athletes, and politicians are constantly reminding us that cheating is a serious problem in American marriages. It is estimated that 30 to 60 percent of married people will have an extramarital affair at least once in the course of a marriage. The pain and heartache that comes from finding out that your spouse has been unfaithful to you can often be the beginning of the end of your marriage, and pave the way for a divorce.

 The Age of the Internet Has Made Cheating Easier Than Ever

Sixty years ago, when Alfred Kinsey conducted his ground-breaking study on American’s relationships and sex lives, the definition of cheating was much clearer than it is today. Interactive websites where individuals can chat with others protected by distance and anonymity has blurred the line as to what counts as cheating.  Does casually flirting through text messages or in a chat room count?  Does sharing explicit pictures or videos but not meeting in real life constitute an affair?

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