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divorce risk, divorce trends, Geneva family law attorney, marriage trends, spouse age difference, chance of divorceA new study has concluded what many people have suspected—and snickered about— for some time. Those May/December romances just do not work out in the long term, and the bigger the age gap, the higher the chance is for divorce.

Researchers from the University of Atlanta conducted a study, in which they surveyed 3,000 people. The participants were either married or divorced over the past five years and were asked questions pertaining to their marriage. Questions included duration of the marriage, and how long they dated their spouse, and the length of their engagement. The study was titled, "’A Diamond is Forever’ and Other Fairy Tales: The Relationship between Wedding Expenses and Marriage Duration."

Randal Olson, a fourth-year computer science graduate research assistant at Michigan State University, analyzed the data from that study and found the age gap correlation. According to Olson’s findings, the age gap breakdown exhibited the following:

children of divorce, Geneva family law attorney, helping children adjust to divorce, marital problems, emotional support, divorce your spouse, divorce adviceParents ultimately want what is best for their children and strive to provide that for them. Unfortunately, when it comes to divorce, emotions can influence decisions and cloud judgments. Additionally, children are the ones who end up suffering the most when this happens.

A family goes through several changes during and after a divorce, and it is important to remember the toll these changes can take on children. Anger, guilt, confusion, and fear are often felt by children of divorce. However, there are steps parents can take to help children acclimate to a new family situation and adjust to all of these changes.

It is important for parents to realize that they are no longer one family unit and their children's perceptions of who they are and where their place is in the family, may be broken. Children need assurances and reassurances of how important they are and that they are still both parents’ number one priority.

divorce rate, Geneva family law attorney, heterosexual marriages, same-sex marriages, same-sex divorce, same-sex divorce rateAccording to the results of a recent study, couples in same-sex marriages have the same rate of breaking up as do couples in heterosexual marriages. The study, titled “Couple Longevity in the Era of Same-Sex Marriage in the United States,” was published in the October 2014 issue of Journal of Marriage and Family.

Researchers analyzed information gathered from consecutive surveys which had been developed for the “How Couples Meet and Stay Together (HCMST)” study. The HCMST study was conducted from 2009 to 2012 and involved 4,000 American adults. There were 3,009 participants who had a spouse or significant partner. Approximately 470 of those couples were same-sex partners.

The HCMST included participants who had significant partners (such as civil unions or domestic partnerships) because at the time of the survey, very few states had approved same-sex marriages. Yet the goal of the study was to include all couples, not just heterosexual.

Attorney Warlick, child support guidelines, emancipation, Geneva family law attorney, Illinois children of divorce, Illinois family law attorney, marital settlement agreement, post-secondary education supportDivorce does not necessarily have to dash your dreams of a college education for your custodial children. In compliance with Section 5 of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (750 ILCS),  the court may, if necessary, evoke the power to protect and promote the best interests of a child by establishing a joint or separately held trust specifically designated for the support, maintenance, education, physical health, mental health, and the general welfare of any minor child.

As per Dads America, a national child custody association dedicated to protecting the parental rights of divorced fathers, Illinois joins California, Connecticut, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, South Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, and Wyoming as one of the 10 states that permit for the possible allowance of post-secondary education support for children of divorce.

For Illinois residents considering divorce, the following information may provide a clearer understanding of Illinois child support law as you prepare for your initial consultation with a qualified Illinois family law attorney.

Attorney Warlick, cohabitation, cohabitation agreement, Geneva family law attorney, marriage trends, millennial generation, millennials, millennials views on marriage, prenuptial agreementThe millennials, the emergent consumer demographic, are changing the face of marriage. Noted in the abstract, "Fewer Marriages, More Divergence: Marriage Projections for Millennials to Age 40," authors Steven P. Martin, Nan Marie Astone, and H. Elizabeth Peters project that marriage for millennials will be at the lowest rate of any previous generation. And for those opting for marriage, a trip down the aisle may not happen before their 40th birthday.

Data derived from the American Community Surveys provided the basis for the analyses with a cross-check against the 2000 U.S. Census report. Additionally, the following projections were established:

Projection #1

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