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 Geneva, IL family law attorney (Kerry)Much has been written about couples who are in the midst of a divorce using each other’s social media networking sites against each other. The New York Daily News recently reported about the case of a New York mother who lost custody of her ten year old son because of the disparaging remarks she make about him on her Facebook page, in what some are referring to as a form of “cyber-bullying”.

According to court documents, the parents separated in 2006 and entered into a joint custody agreement for their three children. In 2009, the parents agreed to joint legal custody, with the father having primary physical custody. The mother was to have parenting time one evening per week and every other weekend. The following year, the mother filed a modification to increase her parenting time, which the father objected to. The father also requested sole legal custody of the three children.

The court granted the father sole legal custody, citing "pattern of inappropriate behavior" towards the oldest child by the mother. The child had mental health issues and was receiving counseling. During court testimony, it was revealed that the mother was not participating in the counseling, did not follow the counselor's recommendations, and frequently requested the father pick up the oldest son during her parenting time because she had difficulty in dealing with the child's behavior. The mother also testified to swearing and yelling at the child and using "physical means" towards him.

[caption id="attachment_289" align="alignright" width="200"](Lucy)  Geneva Divorce Attorney Kim Kardashian[/caption]

It’s no longer a secret that Kim Kardashian, whose marriage to Kris Humphries lasted less than three months, is now pregnant with her boyfriend Kanye West’s baby. Humphries has acknowledged that lengthening the time of the divorce could cause stress that may be harmful to the baby, he seems to be in no rush. It is clear, however, that Kim is.

Humphries attorney has claimed that Kim is only using her pregnancy as an “opportunity to gain a litigation advantage,” or she is simply using her pregnancy as an excuse to speed up the divorce since there is a clear due date.

LeeviInternational adoptions by U.S. parents fell 7 percent in 2012, continuing a multi-year decline caused partially by stricter adoption laws, the Chicago Tribune reported on January 24. The number of internationally adopted children dropped from 9,320 to 8,668, with most of the children coming from China than from any other country.

"This is a continuation of a trend," said Adam Pertman, executive director of the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute. "There's no lack of, if you will, demand in this country," he said. "People would like to adopt more children; the issue is whether those children are available. And they're becoming less and less available, and that's what the numbers show."

China, which sent almost 3,000 children to the United States in 2012, has long been the most popular country for U.S. adoptions. Ethiopia and Russia were popular as well, with 1,568 and 748 adoptions respectively. The report was concluded before Russia banned Americans from adopting Russian children.

When raising kids, it is important to think about the long term, like when they will be teenagers.  Unfortunately, if you are going through a divorce, you may have to think about this milestone earlier than you thought.  It is important to set up a co-parenting agreement that reflects how you want your children being raised when you are not around.  For teenagers, there are six major concerns which should be covered in the agreement.

1. Driving.  If you can provide a car to your children, it is important to allow them to use it at either parent’s house.  Don’t make the vehicle exclusive to one parent’s home to keep a child from seeing their other parent.

2.  Employment.  It is important to agree about whether you will want your teenager to have a job.  Especially as a way to pay for car insurance, get work experience and have allowance for going out with friends.

Recently, various hospitals, health departments, a community college, and an extended living center all received “Award for Excellence” plaques for addressing domestic violence and sexual abuse as public issues, according to a recent article published by the Illinois Valley News Tribune.

Illinois Health Cares, a state-wide health initiative aiming to decrease domestic violence and sexual assault, presented the awards.  One of the coordinators of a domestic violence and sexual assault service, Christine Chalkey, stated that “Every hospital across the three counties realizes the importance of working together to end violence and should be commended for their collaborative efforts to educate and bring awareness to employees, patients and the public about the bad health effects caused by exposure to violence.”

Chalkey’s program, officially named IHC, works with hospitals and health care professionals to educate the public about the health dangers of domestic violence, sexual assault, and even elder abuse.  Each year more than $ 4 billion is spent for medical care to treat the effects of said domestic violence, sexual assault, and elder abuse.  This fact is one of the driving factors of IHC’s efforts to educate health care professionals, who, in turn, educate the public.

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