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divorce attorney, Geneva County family law attorney, qualified divorce attorney, signs of a cheating spouse, cheating spouse, infidelityAccording to a survey conducted by NBC News, approximately one in five adults in a monogamous relationship, or 22 percent, admit to cheating on their partner. Furthermore, the survey indicated that the rate was higher among monogamous men.

More than 70,000 consenting adults participated by answering 30 miscellaneous questions, openly revealing how men and women feel about adultery and what constitutes spousal betrayal.

Unless your spouse approaches you directly about being unfaithful, is it possible to confirm your suspicions by observing the body language of your spouse before consulting with an experienced divorce attorney? Initially, it may prove difficult as some people can lie with even the the smallest indication of tell tale signs exhibited while others can not help but to be more obvious. However, developing a watchful eye and following these tips may help you to later confront your spouse with your theory.

asking for divorce, Geneva family law attorney, reasons for divorce, divorce study, women and divorce, men and divorce, infidelity, spouse’s immaturity, emotional abuse, alcohol abuse, drug abuseA new study by the Austin Institute reveals that women are more likely than men to be unhappy in their marriage. The study, “Divorce in America,” also examined the reasons why people file for divorce. Researchers compiled data from the “Relationships in America” survey project that the institute recently conducted. There were 15,000 American adults between the ages of 18 to 60 who were surveyed. Of that group, nearly 4,000 were divorced. According to a statement released by the institute, data was used to assess “how people think about divorce, who wants out of marriages more, and why they want out.”

Twenty percent of the women surveyed said they had considered divorcing their spouse within the past year. Only 13 percent of men said they had considered leaving their marriage. Overall, 13 percent of married respondents had actually discussed separating with their spouse within the past year but had yet to separate.

For those participants in rocky marriages, 55 percent of the women said they wanted out of the marriage more than their husbands did. Only 29 percent of the men said they wanted out more than their wives. Forty-two percent of the men reported that their spouse wanted out of the marriage more than they did, while only 20 percent of the women reported that their husbands wanted the marriage to end more.

dissolution of marriage, Geneva family law attorney, remove wedding rings, wedding rings, infidelity, marital statusA wedding ring is a symbol of love and life. Placed upon the finger as couples say their vows, a ring is a symbol of marital bond and visual declaration of marital commitment, never to be removed. Yet why are couples admitting to voluntary removing their rings to disguise their marital status? An article published earlier this year notes several interesting facts derived from a study as to why people remove their wedding rings. In the study, two thousand study participants offered their insight into this growing trend.

Although removing a wedding ring can arouse deep suspicions of pending infidelity, one-fifth of the young married participants have come clean and admitted to removing their wedding rings as preparation for a night out on the town. The reasoning – more attention from the opposite sex when enjoying a girl’s or guy’s night out. They also confessed that after an argument, the ring was also intentionally removed to solidify their point and to let their partner wonder if divorce is in their future.

For the men, more than 80 percent have admitted to removing their rings before leaving the house to socialize. And when their wives spied the absence of jewelry, only 40 percent managed to come up with a reasonable convincing explanation.

extramarital affair, Geneva divorce attorney, infidelity, marital conflicts, marriage counseling, reason for divorce, toxic friendsDr. Willard F. Harley, Jr. has proclaimed to have saved thousands of marriages over the years by offering advice on marital conflicts and several of the quickest methods for restoring a harmonious path for couples. One area of concern for Harley is that we should carefully choose our friends after the nuptials to decrease the chances of appearing before a judge awaiting a final divorce decree.

Harley mentioned that when discussing the topic of avoiding the extramarital affair it is often wise to forego continuing friendships with members of the opposite sex. Even though many have bulked at Harley’s suggestion, believing it to be somewhat ridiculous and controlling, Harley believes that keeping these types of friendships intact often prove to be the breeding ground for infidelity even among the best of friends.

Harley elaborates by stating that often, if you are just seeking a fun night out on the town, perhaps a chance encounter with a stranger will foot the bill. But for those seeking the comfort and understanding of a partner in an extramarital affair, who better to share the experience but with a trusted, longtime friend?

divorce attorney, Geneva family law attorney, Illinois divorce attorney, infidelity, cheating spouse, investigative agency, committing adultery, hiring an Illinois attorney, choosing a divorce attorneyAccording to US News, calculations of men as high as 50 percent will cheat, while only a third of women will do the same. However, clinical data remains sketchy at best.

So what do you do if you suspect your spouse is having an affair? Do you ignore the situation and hope it runs its course? Do you confront your fears and confront your spouse? Or do you hire a private detective to provide the hard core evidence? How you handle your suspicions is entirely your choice. As you contemplate your next move, perhaps having an experienced Illinois divorce attorney on speed dial should also be part of your covert operation.

If you decide to go for the hard-core evidence and want to move forward, how do you go about hiring an investigative firm? For many of us, we may be clueless since it is not something we consider on a daily basis. Before you start making phone calls, consider the following tips.

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