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worst jobs, divorce rate, Illinois divorce lawyerThere are, obviously, countless factors that can affect a couple’s happiness and ability to weather the difficulties of marriage. Sociology experts, however, always seem to be trying to identify trends and specific elements that impact the likelihood of divorce. Such trends may not affect every couple who fits within a particular set of a criteria, but, by the nature, they do help provide some issues of which couples should be aware if they are looking to avoid becoming a statistic, so to speak.

According to Census data compiled in 2010 by the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, certain jobs and occupations place an individual at a much high risk for divorce than others. When the information was collected, roughly 16 percent of people across all occupations reported being divorced or separated. By comparison, those in particular jobs are several times more likely to get divorce, including:

Casino Worker: What do you get when you combine non-stop operation, irregular hours, and holiday work, with fairly low salaries and a party atmosphere of alcohol and gambling? For some, the answer is divorce. Gambling services workers, including dealers, pit bosses, and cage workers, have a divorce rate of over 31 percent.

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