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Kane County divorce attorneyMarriage is a bond that unites two people. However, even though a couple’s marriage vows say that they will stay together “in sickness and in health,” sometimes a marriage does not last, and divorce becomes necessary. Some cultures and religions look down on getting a divorce, and parents may think that it is better to say married for their children, but a divorce is often the best decision for the two parties, and living in an unhappy home can cause more harm to children than separated parents.

During the colonial days of the United States, one of the earliest examples of divorce could be seen in Massachusetts. In 1629, a judicial council was developed there to grant divorces on the grounds of instances such as of bigamy, adultery, or desertion. Today, an affair is still a common reason for a couple to get a divorce, but there are a wide variety of other circumstances in which a couple may decide to separate, including:

  • Different Life Goals - It is easy to think that life will proceed the way you expect after getting married. The truth is, some people get married without discussing their future together. If one spouse wants to travel the globe while the other wants to settle down and start a family, it will be difficult for them to see eye to eye down the road, and they may not wish to stay together. Some people also think that they will be able to change their spouse’s habits or negative qualities. When this effort turns out to be fruitless, it may be time to consider divorce.
  • Wrong Reasons - It is true that some people marry for money, and these types of marriages often end in divorce. Another wrong reason a person may get married is because they feel like they have to. If someone is in a relationship for a long time and feels pressured to take the next step, or if a couple chooses to get married before they are ready for this commitment, these marriages are usually not built to last.
  • No Romance - A relationship may have started out full of fire and passion, but after years of being together, the romance and effort may have died, and neither partner is likely to be happy. A healthy relationship maintains an equilibrium in which both partners are satisfied. Every couple has a different love language, but if partners are not taking time for each other or are avoiding each other’s company, there may be no love left to share, and divorce may be the best option. 

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No matter the reason for your divorce, you deserve to take steps that will lead you towards a happier life. To ensure that you can reach a positive outcome to your divorce, contact an experienced Geneva divorce attorney to work out issues such as the division of assets and parental responsibilities. Call our office today at 630-232-9700 to schedule a consultation.  

Geneva divorce attorneyWe all know how distracting our cell phones can be. It is easy to become immersed in current event news, celebrity gossip, and chatting with friends. Sometimes, though, our digital companions can threaten the real-world relationships, especially marriages. Relationship experts and divorce attorneys alike have indicated a significant rise in the number of divorce cases that cite cell phone use as a contributing factor. In most situations, texting and other cell phone use has the potential to slowly degrade the quality of a marital relationship. For one man, however, his wife’s cell phone distractions became too much for him handle—after just a single day of being married.

Digital Troubles

According to various news reports, the man and his wife were married in the city of Jeddah, in their native Saudia Arabia. Following the wedding, the bride and groom retired to their hotel room for the evening. The young woman reportedly went right for her phone, responding to congratulatory messages from friends and loved ones. When her husband tried to get closer in attempts to initiate physical intimacy, she allegedly ignored him. The man’s family say that he asked his wife if her friends were more important than he was, and that she answered that they were.

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Ashley Madison, infidelity, Kane County Divorce LawyerMost would agree that a successful marriage is based on trust and communication. Each of those two elements, however, are dependent upon the other. You cannot trust your spouse if he or she will not talk to you, and effective communication is impossible if you cannot trust each other. When one aspect is suddenly thrown into question, the other ultimately suffers. For millions of American couples, that is exactly what happened several weeks ago when hackers publicly exposed the subscriber list of the affair-seeking website Ashley Madison. The issue before them now, however, is whether or not it is time think about divorce.

Take Your Time

When the subscriber data was made public, many raced to the internet to see if their spouse—husband, in most cases—was on the list. An estimated 20 million men had an account of some sort on Ashley Madison, or roughly one in six married American men. If one of those men is you or your husband, it is time for some serious soul-searching. Tempting as it may be, a rushed decision is not recommended.

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consider divorce, reasons for divorce, Kane County Family Law AttorneyOne of the hardest decisions a person can make it is to end their marriage. For many people, it may take years to finally come to the decision that their marriage is broken and cannot be repaired. Even after making that decision, a person may still struggle with it, wondering whether or not they are doing the right thing.

It can be even more difficult to move forward and file for divorce when there are children involved. A person who is already struggling with conflicting emotions, including guilt and feeling as if they failed at marriage, can find those emotions amplified over the perceived harm they may be doing to their children by divorcing the other parent.

So how does a person know if their marriage is truly over and it is time to walk away?

asking for divorce, Geneva family law attorney, reasons for divorce, divorce study, women and divorce, men and divorce, infidelity, spouse’s immaturity, emotional abuse, alcohol abuse, drug abuseA new study by the Austin Institute reveals that women are more likely than men to be unhappy in their marriage. The study, “Divorce in America,” also examined the reasons why people file for divorce. Researchers compiled data from the “Relationships in America” survey project that the institute recently conducted. There were 15,000 American adults between the ages of 18 to 60 who were surveyed. Of that group, nearly 4,000 were divorced. According to a statement released by the institute, data was used to assess “how people think about divorce, who wants out of marriages more, and why they want out.”

Twenty percent of the women surveyed said they had considered divorcing their spouse within the past year. Only 13 percent of men said they had considered leaving their marriage. Overall, 13 percent of married respondents had actually discussed separating with their spouse within the past year but had yet to separate.

For those participants in rocky marriages, 55 percent of the women said they wanted out of the marriage more than their husbands did. Only 29 percent of the men said they wanted out more than their wives. Forty-two percent of the men reported that their spouse wanted out of the marriage more than they did, while only 20 percent of the women reported that their husbands wanted the marriage to end more.

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