Teachers Can Provide Insight for Divorced Parents

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Kane County divorce lawyerIf you are recently divorced, you may be struggling to adapt to your new life. The challenges are even greater if you and your former spouse have children together. As an adult, you are likely able to recognize many of the emotions you are dealing with and to manage them to a certain extent. While it may not be easy, you are still able to go about your normal daily activities with minimal interference. For a child, however, the situation can be more difficult as his or her entire world may now be different. Unfortunately, many children—especially younger children—lack the skills and ability to effectively manage their emotions. In some cases, this can lead to behavioral issues at home and at school. Therefore, it is extremely important for divorced parents to maintain open lines of communication with their children’s teachers, helping to identify and address problems as they arise.

Possible Problems

Studies have long suggested that children divorce experience more behavioral and conduct problems in school than children from two-parent households. Such behavior is often aggressive, impulsive, and, at times, anti-social. These types of problems, however, may not always be obvious to a parent at home, especially one who is trying to learn how to manage the household alone. Teachers spend as much as six to eight hours per day with their students, granting them a great deal of insight into the children’s lives and behavior. If something starts to change with your child, chances are good that his or her teachers will be the first to notice it.

Reach Out

If your child’s behavior has not reached a level where it is causing disciplinary issues, the teacher may be hesitant to initiate contact with you about it. It is important for you to take the first step early in the school year—or soon after the divorce—to let the teacher know about your situation. The teacher does not really need all of the details, but he or she should at least be aware that your child may be experiencing some divorce-related anxiety, anger, or a host of other emotions.

You should be sure to maintain contact throughout the school year to make sure you are getting the most up-to-date information. Again, in a large class, the teacher may notice that your child has become very sullen and quiet, but other, more disruptive students demand immediate attention. By remaining an active in communicating with the teacher, you can more quickly address any issues that your child may be experiencing.

Legal Guidance for Divorce

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