The New Trend of Divorce: Mediation

Posted on in Child Custody and Support

In all movies and TV shows depicting divorce, there are caricatures of people who are terrible to each other.  They seek out the other party in the divorce and seem only interested in destroying them and their lives.  While it is not false that contested divorces can become very ugly, there is a new inclination for people to select mediation as the way to achieve dissolution of a marriage.

Often time’s people who are interested in an amicable divorce choose this option as it allows for people to create a safe environment.  The only people that have to be in the mediation process are a mediator, a lawyer and the two parties seeking to settle difficult issues such as child custody, division of property, and spousal support.  A mediator tries to emphasize cooperative problem solving and keeping the process on track.

There are some fringe benefits from keeping the divorce process so stress-free and relaxed.  The first is protecting the loved ones in the family ranging for the children or even the spouses looking to become divorced.  Kids are not poked and prodded by teams of experts looking for information about the parents.  In some divorce cases, the children are forced to appear in court, which is an opportunity for children to see their parents are their worsts.  There is confidentiality about communications in a mediation session.   In a divorce court you may air out personal information for a cross-section of your peers to overhear.

If you are interested in the other benefits of mediation, or you have other questions about the divorce process, then you can talk to someone who has gone through the process.  Contact an experienced divorce attorney in Cook County today.

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