Try These Tips When Telling Your Children About Your Impending Divorce

 Posted on September 07, 2018 in Divorce

Kane County divorce attorneysIf you are a parent who has decided to get a divorce, you may have spent countless hours worrying about how to tell the children about the split. There are many things to keep in mind when choosing how and when to tell your children about the end of your marriage. Every parent facing this difficult conversation hopes that it will go as smoothly as possible. Understandably, many children are upset when they hear about the forthcoming separation, but research shows that there are several steps parents can take to minimize the distraught caused by breaking the news of divorce to their kids.

Do Not Tell Children About the Divorce Until You Are Totally Certain

If you and your spouse have discussed the possibility of separating, but there is still a chance that you will stay together, you should wait to discuss this with children. For example, if a couple is experiencing extreme conflict or disconnectedness, but they both believe that there is still a possibility of saving the marriage, they should not bring the children into the situation. If you and your spouse both agree that you are beyond the point of reconciliation, you may be ready to tell your children about the separation.

Break the News With Your Spouse

One way parents can help comfort children and reduce the trauma caused by the news of divorce is by delivering the news as a team. If possible, most experts suggest that parents should be together when they tell the children about their plans to separate. Sitting with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse while explaining the situation to the children helps assure the children that although their parents are divorcing each other, the parent-child relationship remains intact.

Do Not Ask Children to Take Sides

Many well-meaning parents do unintentional psychological harm to their children by involving them too deeply in adult conflicts. When you tell your children about your plans to divorce, it is usually best not to divulge the specific reasons that the marriage is ending. Parents who openly blame each other for the end of the marriage—even if one spouse is indeed at fault—are indirectly asking the children to choose a side. This can be a terrifying ordeal for a child worried about losing one of his parents.

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