Ways to Make a Divorce Less Stressful

Posted on in Child Custody and Support

divorce courtDivorce is a stressful event in anyone’s life.  It does not just affect the two exes involved but can ripple through whole families.  Kids are especially affected by the consequences of a divorce.  In order to keep the hassles of a divorce to a minimum, there are a couple of different methods you can employ to lower the stress.

The first advice is to acknowledge the cause of your divorce but avoid pointing fingers.  Look towards the things that you would stress your relationship such as financial issues, bad habits, drug use, or other things.  By understanding the things that set you off, you can try to limit how it affects you.

Also notice how you would communicate to your spouse and what is deficient about that communication.  Use that information to guide show you how to act more collaboratively while seeking a divorce.  That can mean learning how to communicate with your ex in a constructive manner in which you can explain what you feel without being angry or hurtful.

Rather than bottling up your feelings, which can lead to emotional distress, find a trusted friend or family member who can listen to your troubles.  Trying to work through a divorce amicably is difficult if you are irrationally snapping at your partner or harboring feelings of resentment.

Do not let yourself be swallowed up in the process.  You are as important as any children or family members who are saddened by your divorce.  Keep yourself healthy and active and busy.  Festering about the divorce process will dampen your spirits, especially if you are alone.  Be sure to make time for yourself.

A mediated or collaborative divorce can allow you to work towards an amicable solution with your ex.  It is important to walk a fine line between being too fair and being too generous in the settlement process.  Having the support of an attorney who has a background in mediation is also important to reduce stress.  Contact an experienced divorce attorney in Geneva today.

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