What to Know About Courtroom Etiquette During Your Illinois Divorce

 Posted on June 26, 2023 in Divorce

Il divorce lawyerGetting a divorce can be a very upsetting process for all involved and can last considerably longer when uncontrollable behaviors and outbursts coincide in court. Divorce proceedings may reflect a bad relationship between divorcing spouses. Still, acting appropriately during your time in court is imperative to ensure you do not make the process any more difficult than it already is. As you look to begin the divorce process, hire an attorney to ensure you can protect your rights and interests.

How to Behave in Court 101

If you are going through a divorce in Illinois that requires you to attend a hearing, consider the following courtroom etiquette:

  • Dress appropriately – You should dress in a manner that represents respect both to the judge and court proceedings. Your dress code should be business-like and may include a suit for men or a modest outfit and minimal makeup for women.
  • Be on time – When attending a scheduled court hearing, ensure you arrive early enough and are prepared with all related documentation. Punctuality portrays proper reverence for the hearing’s worth and the efforts of all present people.
  • Be civil – Always observe respectful and courteous behavior towards your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Do not interrupt or insult your spouse while they talk or are answering questions from the judge, court clerks, or lawyers.
  • Be calm – Keep your tone of voice cordial while giving responses, raising concerns, and more. Remember that when it involves challenges relating to children, your behavior and your rationality may play a role in the case’s eventual outcome.
  • Keep your composure – As much as divorces may damage or disrupt feelings, keep your emotions in control throughout the hearings. Indulging in emotional outbursts or being combative with the judge, lawyers, or your spouse, may have negative implications for you and your case, especially regarding custody decisions. Being combative in the courtroom will not be a “good look” as you try to convince the court and judge that you are a suitable parent for your child.
  • Listen actively – As issues are deliberated in court, listen, and pay close attention to what transpires. By being a good listener, you become an active participant in the courtroom proceedings.

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