Working Through Restricted Visitation

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visitation, restricted, Illinois family law attorneyBeing a parent is not easy. It can be infinitely more difficult to be a parent when you are divorced, separated, or were never married to the child’s other parent and he or she has been granted primary residential custody. Under ideal circumstances, you should be entitled to reasonable rights of visitation with the child, but the real world is rarely ideal. For example, you may be dealing with personal problems of your own, and as a result, the court may have restricted your rights of visitation. While such a situation may be incredibly challenging, it does not need to last forever, and there are some things you can do to work toward the reinstatement of your full visitation rights.

Be Totally Compliant

Even as you work on your own issues, it is vital that you comply with your visitation restrictions, no matter how emotionally difficult it may be. If you are permitted just an hour per week with your child, make the most of it. Make every effort to demonstrate your commitment to being a better person and a better parent. Any attempts to circumvent the court’s decision will not be seen favorably, and could result in full termination of your parental rights.

Understand Why

According to the law in Illinois, a court cannot simply restrict your rights to visitation because it feels like it; there must be a justifiable reason. The most common grounds for restriction is that you or your current lifestyle pose a serious physical, emotional, mental, moral danger to your child. Work with an attorney who can help you recognize the issued identified by the court, whether they include drug or alcohol abuse, physical or verbal abuse concerns, or your association with certain individuals. Once you fully understand the reasons for the court’s decision, you can begin taking steps to improve.

Document Your Progress

You would be well-advised to keep a written record of the ways in which you are attempting to address the concerns of the court. For example, if your visitation has been restricted due to substance abuse worries, keep track of outpatient appointments or Narcotics Anonymous meetings you have attended. If you have issues with verbal abuse, seek help for anger management and maintain good records. Written documentation will be very helpful when it comes time to petition the court for a reconsideration of your restrictions.

Work with a Qualified Lawyer

If your rights to visitation with your child have been restricted or limited, contact an experienced Geneva family law attorney. Our skilled team will work with you in meeting the court’s requirements, and can assist you in filing the appropriate paperwork to get your rights fully restored. We will help you serve the best interests of your child by becoming the parent that he or she deserves. Call 630-232-9700 to schedule your introductory consultation today.



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